Closet Fix: ABOUT ME   


My name is Simmy. When it comes to fashion and style I must admit that I have an obsession, which by now, I'm almost certain has turned into a full blown addiction. Like every other girl in the world I too have an unhealthy, incestuous, and at times completely inappropriate fixation on fashion or so I've been told. Can you blame me?! They're so many reasons why fashion has become my drug of choice. I mean from the way a beautiful dress makes you feel, to the high that you get when you find that perfect pair of jeans, fashion is just addictive. I live for the times when I can capture those moments, and get my next fix. As there is no end in sight for my obsession/addiction, I use my blog to share my day to day looks and showcase pass and present pieces that have resulted from my attempts to satisfy my Closet Fix. Don't judge me. I'm happily addicted! 

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