Closet Fix: September 2012   

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I had the opportunity to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFBCON) a few weeks ago. I decided to wear a dramatic peplum top paired with sandals and camouflage skinnies, which is ironic since this print does the opposite of allowing you to hide or blend in.
Luckily, I didn't want to blend in. I wanted to stand out, and what better way to accomplish that than with a statement piece. I figured if any of those people were anything like me, remembering a name after a fleeting moment, or a random meeting, is next to impossible. 
After a while, everybody is a Sally or a Monique or a Sarah, but not everybody is "that girl" wearing those camouflage skinnies with that dope peplum top, or "that girl" with the stink breath, and fingers crossed, I pray it was the former, as I hope my Tic Tacs didn't fail me. 
Either way, in a room full of strangers networking like there's no tomorrow, for better or for worse, you want to be remembered.  You want to make an impression that will last after whatever  person you're trying to impress gets home and tosses all the business cards in the trash.
And trust me, if you check out awesome Blogger Bobby Austin's video above where I'm featured from 1:56 to 2:07 there was a hell of a lot of business cards to be had, as the place was packed with bloggers who were all dressed to the nines, vying for the attention of their peers.
 This can be a bit intimidating especially if you go to something like that solo dolo as I did, and I knew no one there. So, you can only imagine how nerve wracking it was for a person like me who is generally not aggressive in social situations unless Jose Cuervo or Jack Daniels shows up, then that's a whole other story.
But, without that liquid courage coaxing that social butterfly out of me, I still had to muster up the balls to approach people like one of my favorite Bloggers, Krystal, from This Time Tomorrow, and start conversations that may have been forgettable, but boy, did you see "that girl" in those camouflage skinnies and dope peplum top. Fingers crossed something stuck, and I left an impression. 
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Top: Romwe (similar one hereherehere & here)
Skinnies: Target (similar one here & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one herehere,& here)
Sandals: Dolce Vita (similar one here)

Monday, September 24, 2012


Happy Monday! During New York Fashion Week it was important for me to be as comfortable as possible. I knew the days would be long, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend it removing those way too tight skinnies from my crack. 
Unless I'm wiping, anything rubbing against my hole isn't my idea of a good time. Besides, I would've been lucky if I had the chance to rip that sucker out considering all the people around. Sure I could've just said fuck it and did just that, but that whole first impression thing would've been shot to hell.
Needless to say, I aimed for comfort in my outfits. That's why to attend Lucky Magazine's Lucky Fabb Conference, which was held right before NYFW, I choose this romper paired with a denim jacket and heels. The crotch area was a nice distance from my sensitive parts, and I was never in danger of chafing to death. Yes, that's been known to happen.
The fact that it was a one piece and comfy was ideal. So, I was able to enjoy my first day at Lucky Fabb taking in the likes of Lauren Conrad, Rachel Zoe, and Anna Sui without having to hatch double 007 missions to pull my wedgie to the side without being caught in the act. 
That my friend would've completely taken away from the awesome experience. Anyway, I had my hands full trying to figure out how to use the bathroom without having to get butt ass naked in the public restroom. 
The whole one piece thing is cool until nature calls, and you find yourself squatting over a latrine with your outfit at your ankles, praying that the lock on the door actually works, because God forbid someone would barge in and find themselves subjected to such a sight.
Trust me, as I hovered there tinkling for what seemed like an eternity the words "someone's in here" rang out several times unprovoked, just to ward off any potential visitors. Once I handled my business, and my bladder was empty, I continued to enjoy the amazing event that was Lucky Fabb. FYI, pictures from the event will be posted on my 
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Romper: ASOS (similar one herehere, & here)
Jacket: Old Navy (similar one here & here)
Sandals: Boutique 9 (similar one here & here
Bag: Zara (similar one herehere, & here)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Happy Hump Day! I don't know if you're aware of this, but weeks before New York Fashion Week actually takes place, there's so much planning that goes into not what shows you're going to attend, or what parties you're going to crash, but rather, what in Heaven's name are you going to wear.  
When I saw this Three Floor Dress I had that feeling, you know that love at first sight, I gotta have him right here, right now, I don't care who's watching feeling. Well, that's how I felt when I saw this little number.  
I just knew it would be perfect for any New York Fashion Week event or runway show I had the opportunity to attend. Or perhaps just for lounging around the house, since that was always a strong possibility, as at the time of purchase, I had nothing lined up.    
It would've been such a shame if nothing panned out and my cat and the BF were the only ones to see me in the dress, both of whom could care less if I washed my ass, much less put on a fancy dress. It's that whole unconditional love thing, or my winning personality that allows them to overlook my occasional stench, I suppose. Needless to say, the awesomeness of the dress would be lost on them.
However, fashion lovers don't know me to give two shits about me. So, clearly a shower was certainly in order prior to attending anything. A clean body and this dress would be worn to insure that my encounters would at least lead to feelings of indifference, or at best an appreciation for the piece, which only that stylish crowd could embrace.  
So, when I found out that I'd be attending Rachel Zoe's Runway Show at Lincoln Center for her Spring 2013 Collection it was a no-brainer. The dress was perfect especially since there was a cocktail reception right before the show, and this dress paired with a jacket, statement necklace, and pumps was ideal for that occasion.
At the event I mingled with attendees and got the chance to see one of my favorite Stylist/Designer put on one hell of a show. It was a blast! Btw, pictures from the show will be posted on my 
Facebook Page later today
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Dress: Three Floor
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar one here & here)
Gladiator Pumps: UrbanOg (similar one here & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here
Statement Necklace: DIY (similar one herehere, & here)

Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday! New York Fashion Week is finally over! It was my first time participating, and while I'm dead tired, and could totally use some electrolytes or an IV drip to reenergize, it was so worth it as I was truly blown away by the whole production.
I'm a New Yorker, and Lincoln Center has always been nothing more than an artsy fartsy tourist trap where people go to get so-call culture. But, during Fashion Week it became a much more cool hub for photographers, journalists, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and the occasional stalker. Yeah, everybody was pretty much there, and not just inside taking in the shows, but outside capturing and admiring Street Syle.
 I had no idea that it would be like that, but I quickly became aware when as soon as I arrived wearing this floral dress and a blazer, paired with a statement necklace and gladiator pumps, I was immediately mobbed by photographers asking to take my picture as if I was one of those celebrities with a sex tape. 
To say it was surreal is an understatement, and as I stood there posing trying to channel my inner Naomi Campbell, I couldn't help but feel flattered and simultaneously nervous and terrified that the high powered lens and video cameras would pick up all my imperfections and broadcast them to the entire world.  
In spite of that fear, I took the pictures, did the interviews, and bravely signed the release forms all while praying that the shots and the footage would be airbrushed and edited to an inch of perfection before being released to the public. Fortunately, I got lucky and YouTube Star AnneOrShine and her camera guy Eric interviewed me in the video above and as you can see, starting at the 3:20 to 4:10 point where I was featured, I didn't come off as a total monster.  
The shades absolutely helped as it concealed that deer in the headlight look I sported throughout that day. However, the huge smile that I wore in the photographs definitely told the story of how happy and excited I was to be a part of it all. 
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Blazer: Forever 21(similar one here and here)
Dress: Forever 21 (similar one herehere and here)
Gladiator Sandals: UrbanOg (similar one here and here)
Bag Zara: (similar one here and here)
Statement Necklace: DIY (similar one here and here


As cooler temperatures roll in, incorporating a fantastic lightweight jacket into your closet will allow you to achieve your Repeat Fix throughout the season. A utility jacket as seen here and here is the perfect transitional outerwear. Its lightweight status make it ideal for layering with other pieces, since you won't have to tackle issues relating to bulkiness or overheating. Additionally, this piece can easily be dressed up or down, which allow you to seamlessly go from day to night. Below are two different ways I styled my utility jacket and links to help you achieve the looks.  
Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here)
Dress: Forever 21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Scarf: Forever 21 (similar one here & here)
Flats: Target (similar one here & here)
Bag: Urban Expressions (similar one herehere & here)  
Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here)
Tee: Forever 21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Skinnies: Old Navy (similar one herehere, & here)
Pumps: UrbanOg (similar one here & here)
Purse: Forever 21 (similar one here)

Friday, September 7, 2012


So, it's Fashion Week in NYC, and yesterday was Fashion Night Out! I really wish somebody would've told me that you'd need a shot of B12, Red Bull, and possibly even a line of Meth to make it through the day. 
I mean just say no and all, at least to that type anyway, but the snorting option may need to be on the table if you want to get your Energizer Bunny on, and attend all those events. There's a reason why they call it Speed, so clearly there must be something to that. 
I could've used it, or a shot of adrenaline because trust me, it's been exhausting running from one location to another, all while wearing my highest heels, which also double as death traps depending on what NYC cobble stone street I've had to navigate.  
But, it's Fashion Week, so you throw caution to the wind, as well as common sense, and risk breaking your neck, or completely embarassing yourself, since those types of streets are only doable if you have hoofs, and wearing stiletto anything may land you a one way ticket on your ass. True story. 
I've seen it happen. Never to me, knock on wood, but always in slow motion strangely enough. But, even with the inherent risk, you still get out there as your best fashion representative, and you try your damnedest to find a cab! 
Only a fool would walk anywhere in that condition. When all else fails, slow deliberate steps have been my fall back when en route to events like the Lucky Magazine Brunch where I wore this Rachel Roy Jumpsuit as seen here paired with a statement necklace, and heels.
Between the lack of sleep, and all the running around, the balancing act is no joke, but it's worth every painful step after painful step, as I've met so many really cool Bloggers that I admire, like Erin from Apartment34 
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When it come's to getting that Repeat Fix it's important to think outside the box, and be creative. Taking your staple pieces like a maxi dress, and wearing it at unexpected times will allow for multiple wears. You can easily transform your maxi dress from a warm weather staple as seen here to something you can reach for when the temperatures drop by adding simple accessories and key layering pieces such as sweaters or jackets as previously seen here. Below are two different ways I wore my maxi dress. 
Featured on Closet Fix
Maxi Dress: Target (similar one here & here)|Sweater: Forever21 (similar one here)| Jacket: Urban Outfitters (similar one here & here)Bag: Nordstrom (similar one here)
Featured on Closet Fix 
Maxi Dress: Target (similar one here & here)| 
Scarf: Target (similar one here & here)| 
Belt: Old Navy (similar one here
Bag: Nordstrom (similar one here)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was the last official day of Summer as we know it, and if you're anything like me, a little part of you literally fell out and died.
I don't know why the powers that be came up with the brilliant idea to cut the best season of the year short for no good God damn reason, other than to demoralize an entire population, or perhaps one of those geniuses had a thing against fun. 
I mean seriously, if you wanna do some good in the world, shave some weeks off of Winter, add some days to Spring, and leave Summer alone so I can continue to wear bright colors like these skinnies paired with a tee, vest, and pumps without violating any ridiculous fashion rule.
Besides, I need the extra time to go on that random spur of the moment road trip I've been planning in my head, and putting off for that right spontaneous time. 
It's just not right, but if the melting ice caps and random earthquakes are any indication, they, the powers that be better be careful because clearly Mother Nature is not to be fooled with.   
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