Closet Fix: October 2012   

Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Monday! A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending Gabrielle Union's 40th Birthday Party in NYC. First of all, I personally need to see dental records or a DNA sample before I even believe for a second that she's 40 years old. I'm calling bullshit on that! 
Clearly, she isn't a day over 25. So, obviously, this was some type of ploy to get compliments, because after the shock subsided, all I could think was how amazing she looked for any age, let alone fucking 40. 
I mean, I know it's Hollywood and celebrities are not averse to slathering on all types of creams and injecting various body parts with crazy serums, all in hopes of staying forever young, but, based on the debacle that was Michael Jackson's face, that route doesn't work.
 Clearly, you just end up looking like some alien bizzaro version of yourself, if you're lucky. Often times, these people are unrecognizable, and not in the oh my God you look so good type of way.
But, I can honestly say that Gabrielle Union looked the same, and judging from how good she looked at her party, no knife or needle has ever touched that face. At best, maybe some really expensive anti-aging cream, but certainly no botox or plastic surgery.
She just looked natural and young, which would lead me to believe that there must be some sort of satanic rituals involving the blood of virgins or the sacrifice of small farm animals, because it's just impossible to be 40 years old and look 25. Without black magic, or the whole selling your soul to the devil thing, it just doesn't add up.
But, as I mingled at the party in my peplum top paired with a jacket, leather pants, and pumps, I came to the conclusion based on Gabrielle's youthful gorgeous appearance, that when my time come, I'm going the same route, cutting the deal, and negotiating with Lucifer himself, if it means I'll look 25 at 40. 
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Jacket: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Top: Romwe (similar one hereherehereherehere & here)
Pants: Target (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Pumps: Milanoo(similar one herehereherehere, & here)
Bag: Asos (similar one hereherehere, & here) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Happy Thursday! Believe it or not, I'm still riding high off of New York Fashion Week, even though it was well over a month ago. I had so many amazing experiences that would make any fashion lover just die, in my Rachel Zoe voice.
I mean, attending presentations in intimate settings where you're able to get up-close and personal to the designs, and literally reach out and touch the pieces was amazing, and so tempting, but not recommended, as they were attached to human beings who may have been less than receptive to the caresses of total strangers  who seemed more deranged, and less like the enthusiastic fashion lovers that they were. 
So, after slipping on a little dress paired with a denim vest and pumps, to attend the By Misha  SS/2013 collection presentation, I knew to keep my hands to myself, as not to be tossed out on my ass for overzealous groping or some sort of sexual harassment. 
I controlled myself and played it cool, but my bulging eyes, which honestly was in and of itself creepy, but by no means arrestable, told the story of my excitement to be among such beautiful designs with their intricate details and vibrant colors.    
I was like a kid in a candy store, and can you blame me. The proximity to the gorgeous live imagery of flowy chiffon and broccade in stunning shades, was intoxicating.  
As I walked around and soaked it all in at an appropriate distance away from the models of course, since I made every attempt not to further frightened the subjects by breeching their personal space, I was able to see the fine work of the designer Misha Vaidya, who I meet briefly and was able to congratulate on a job well done.
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P.S.- Pictures from the presentation will be posted to my 
Dress: Forever21 (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Denim Vest: Zara (similar one herehere, & here)
Sandals: Boutique9 (similar one herehere, & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one herehere, & here)

Monday, October 22, 2012


Happy Monday! The weather was perfect this weekend, which was awesome, but sort of inconvenient, in an oh my God I haven't shaved in days, and now I have to wear a dress since it's so beautiful outside, kind of way. 
I mean prior to this weekend, even though my BF would adamantly disagree due to the whole prickly leg situation, there was no valid reason to engage in hair removal, especially when the body part in question is fully covered, and out of sight due to the cooler temps.  
Sure smooth soft skin would be nice. You know that unattainable type that some bitch model flaunts in your face for some beauty product, which no matter how much of it you slather on all over your body, you won't come close to ever in your life achieving. 
Shaving my legs to get that smooth soft skin would be great, but I'm lazy, and the extra five minutes it takes in the shower to shave could be better spent, especially when layers of clothing will cover everything any way.  
However, this weekend, as it was warm enough to lose the layers, there was no hiding, so I gladly shaved. I opted to wear a dress, which I layered with a blouse, paired with pumps, and I went out and enjoyed the beautiful weather hairless and all. 
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Dress: Target (similar one herehereherehere & here)
Blouse: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Pumps: Milanoo(similar one herehereherehere, & here)
Bag: Urban Expressions (similar one herehere, & here

Monday, October 15, 2012


Happy Monday! On Saturday the temps never made it out of the 50's, so clearly it was a bit chilly. Thank goodness there was an abundant amount of sunshine while I was standing outside taking pics for the blog to make me forget that I couldn't feel my fingers. 
Now, I don't know if you realize this, but I started Blogging at the end of March where the temps were at best chilly, and rarely freezing ass cold, give or take one or two days here and there. I've never had to stand out outside in the element, day after day, month after month, trying to get the shot, risking frost fucking bite. 
Holy shit! If that's the case, I'm in trouble, because on Saturday I just knew I was going to die from hypothermia, and it was only 50 something degrees. Granted, If I was wearing more layers, and for heavens sake gloves, I may have had a more pleasant experience.
Instead, as per usual, I went for style over comfort and wore my leather jacket paired with a graphic tee, and wedge boots. As the wind whipped up and the sun started to go down, I started to regret my life, as I longed for wool anything.  
It was hardly as brutal as it could've been, but don't be surprised if my next pairings are head to toe shearling inspired. I'm not a big fan of being uncomfortable, unless we're talking 5 inches and up anything, then and only then do I take it like a champ. Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by<3
Jacket: Forever21 (similar herehere, & here)
Graphic Tee: H&M (similar here & here)
Skinnies: Old Navy (similar herehere, & here)
Wedge Boots: Zara (similar hereherehere & here)
Bag: Zara (similar hereherehere, & here)


Fall is here and it's that time of year when a classic black leather jacket is a must. By pairing this rock and roll piece with your favorite items like I did here and here, you will instantly achieve that effortlessly cool factor. The black leather jacket is such a timeless piece which can seriously pull double duty throughout the season, and allow you to get that Repeat FixBelow are two different ways I styled my leather jacket.    
Featured on Refinery29 & Social Wardrobe
Jacket: Forever21 (similar one here, hereherehere, & here)
Dress: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Pumps: Rough Justice (similar one herehere, here & here)
Bag: Urban Expressions (similar one hereherehere, & here)

Featured on MTV Style
Jacket: Forever21 (similar one herehereherehere, & here)
Graphic Tee: Forever21 (similar one here & here)
Skirt: Forever21 (similar one here)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


So, if you didn't notice, I'm having a little love affair with leather right now. Clearly, this fixation would've been inappropriate in hot ass August, unless I had an affinity for sweaty thighs, which I can't say that I do.   
 However, with the cooler Fall temps I'm free to wear leather like here without worrying about sweating profusely or suffocating my coo ca, which true story has been known to happen.   
Any way, I've only recently come around to the idea of wearing leather pants at all, much less in the day time. Honestly, I've always associated leather pants with rock stars or attention seeking whores, but since at least one of these things don't apply to me, I obviously must've been wrong. 
Just based on fit alone, I can totally see why rock stars would opt for leather pants, as they're so comfy, almost like second skin, which makes gyrating like animals in heat in front of thousands of people totally doable, and ridiculously sexy when Lenny Kravitz does it. 
So, whenever I'm just running errands or chillaxing, I've been reaching for my pair, which I wore recently with a jacket, chambray shirt, and flats.   
And, I gotta admit that on many occasions, I've been known to whip out my air guitar and rock out for no reason other than the fact that leather pants seem to give people like me the chance to act a fool or live out those rock star dreams even if you're just at Walmart picking up toilet paper. 
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Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here)
Shirt: H&M (similar one herehere, &here)
Pants: Target (similar one here & here)
Flats: Target (similar one here & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one hereherehere, & here)

Monday, October 8, 2012


Happy Monday! Now, I've never hid my disdain for cooler temperatures, but my affinity for a good tall, over the knee, please Sweet Baby Jesus, let it be a hooka boot, changes my mind every time, and totally have me looking forward to the big chill. 
I recently spotted these gorgeous Zara boots, and I fell hard, completely head over heels, no pun intended, for these lookers.
So much so that I pray to the Gods that this chill is here to stay, because I can really see myself rocking out in these everyday. 
Just after purchasing these beauties I considered wearing them right out the store, but it was much warmer that day, and that would've been a bit much, dare I say bat shit coo coo, but people do strange things in love, and I'm no different. 
Luckily, and I can't believe I'm even saying this, but luckily a few short days later, because that's how bipolar Mother Nature is, only a few short days later, the temperature plummeted, and I was able to rock out in my new boots. 
I paired them with a dress which I wore here over the Summer, and I layered it with a button down shirt. I felt like a kid on the first day of school. You remember how excited you were to wear all that new shit your mom bought you for your new school year? And on that glorious first day, you're so feeling yourself when you finally get to wear it. Well, that's my story.
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Dress: Forever 21 (similar one herehere,& here)
Shirt: H&M (similar one here)
Boots: Zara (similar one herehere, & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one herehere & here

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Happy Thursday! I went to a shopping event a week ago held by Lucky Magazine and Clarks Shoes at Lord & Taylor. The timing couldn't have been any better since I'm currently in the market for new Fall shoes. 
I decided to wear a leather skirt and tee, paired with a denim jacket and pumps, which would've been perfect for shoe shopping, if it didn't involve bending over or God forbid lacing anything up. 
Had I been a more practical person, I would've worn skinnies or something a little further away from my lady parts, but I just got this skirt, and I really was looking for any excuse to wear it. 
Hell, I would've worn it to the grocery store, which would've certainly ruled out any items from the bottom shelf, as the moon would've made an indoor appearance. But, since the event was within a matter of days, there was no need to alarm innocent shoppers just out getting milk.
In all my wisdom, I figured I would save the flash for Lord & Taylor customers. I mean, if you're dropping a shit load of money on shoes, some moonshine should definitely be thrown in for good measure. Let's just call it customer appreciation.
Luckily for me, I managed to keep my backside under raps, and I was able to shop and meet other lovely Fashion Bloggers like Bonnie from Flashes of Style, and Jessie from Style and Pepper who were both hosting the event. 
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar one here & here
Denim Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here
Tee: Yoox (similar one here & here)
Gladiator Pumps: UrbanOg (similar one here & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here & here)