Closet Fix: June 2012   

Friday, June 29, 2012


TGIF! On Wednesday I had an impromptu girls' night. We went to see a play on Broadway featuring make you drop your draws, and if you're lucky do unspeakable things anywhere he would take you, Blair Underwood. 
I mean, generally I have a thing for older men. Not the one's with the man boobs, but the one's with that whole distinguished sexy professor vibe, where you fuck up on purpose just to get called into his office to "discuss" your grade, finger's crossed while he's naked and smoking a pipe.   
Yeah...that kinda older man would get it, and my fetish reached new heights as soon as Blair revealed his rock solid abs during the first few minutes of "A Street Car Named Desire". 
 Talk about distracting! Between swooning, tryna figure out his shoe size, and the fastest way to undo my dress, which I paired with a blazer and pumps, I couldn't say that I actually know what the play was about. 
I was so fixated, damn near salivating at the sight of Blair's everything, that Tennessee William's words became nothing more than, blah blah this, and blah blah that, because if you saw how those abs glistened in the light, you would be proud that I even remembered my name, much less keep up with scripted dialogue. 
Needless to say, I definitely have to read the book to see what I missed, but trust me, every detail of his eight glorious pack is forever etched in my mind. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Happy Tuesday! If this dress looks familiar it should. I wore it here when my blog was featured on MTV Style. Hell, Annna Wintour and Kate Middleton are repeat offenders too, and those bitches are rich, so don't judge me. 
I can't afford to be decked out in a new outfit everyday! So, I use my noggin to find different ways to wear one piece. Trust me if I were rich like those broads, my arse would never be caught in the same outfit twice. I would just burn my clothes after wearing them, just because. 
But, since I'm one paycheck away from dumpster diving, I unapologetically repeat my pieces with little tweaks, like opting to pair this maxi with a belt instead of a leather moto.   
Don't get me wrong, I'm not averse to donning a mask, and knocking over banks, with the whole everybody down on the ground bit, for extra cash. 
But, clearly there's no future in that, and besides, who's gonna drive the getaway car?! The BF?! I can barely get him to take pictures of me much less Bonnie and Clyding it! So I recycle as often as I can to achieve the looks that I want.
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Friday, June 22, 2012


TGIF! It's hot as balls in NYC! You'd think I'd get all super skank and head out with pasties and a g-string, you know, all in the name of staying cool!
But due to the 5 o'clock shadow that's sprung up on my gams, in what seems like a matter of hours, as I'm pretty certain I just shaved, I had to opt for jeans paired with a blouse, and pumps. 
Of course I could've pranced down the street in booty shorts as if I didn't share a striking resemblance to Cousin It, but not even the heatwave would've given me a pass to go au naturel.  
It's Summer after all, and this is the only time of year when you can't get away with not adequately plucking, waxing, and then plucking some more. If only I had alopecia. Sigh!
But no such luck, because clearly I have localized hypertrichosis. So, trying to keep the hair at bay with razors, lazers, and creams can seem like one of the many curses of being a woman, or at least a woman with legs. I blame greedy ass Eve, but I digress.  
Suddenly, the life of a double amputee doesn't seem half bad when you think about the trade-off. I mean, they can't exactly remove hair from nonexistent parts, and that alone incites some major envy...Just during the Summer months though. The rest of the time, not so much. 
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Monday, June 18, 2012


Happy Monday!I went to a concert on Saturday to see one of my current favorite bands, Fun. I'm a total music freak, and if I wasn't attached, I wouldn't be averse to doing the nasty with the likes of Chris Martin and John Mayer in the back of a tour bus.     
They would totally get it, and lots of it. Musicians are just hot, and they do it for me, and in turn I would do it for them, if I was single that is. 
Maybe it's that whole crooning soulfully about matters of the heart, or belting out out badass lyrics about last night's conquest that immediately makes me wanna swap spit, or other any other bodily fluids with these Gods of the stage.  
Whatever it is I'm 100 percent hooked, and I can't get enough, so I paired a camis with a blazer, boyfriend shorts, and pumps, and I went to the concert to pine and drool, and then pine some more.
To my delight, the band definitely delivered, and I belted out every song as if my life counted on it.
Once the spirits took over, I danced a little less off beat than normal. 
All in all, I had an amazing time, and burned brighter than the sun.
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Friday, June 15, 2012


TGIF! A few months back everybody was wearing those H&M floral pants, so much so, that after a while, the mere site of them caused me to throw up a little in my mouth, and fight back the overwhelming urge to gouge my eyes out. 
Don't get me wrong, the first couple of times I saw those pants, I wanted to dry hump them hard, Junior High School style, but with my clothes on to avoid the whole chafing thing.  
I found them so cute, and for the price I was willing to give it up to them, and I certainly tried, but I couldn't find them anywhere, which made me want them more, stalker style.
However, when I spotted even my neighbor, who you can tell has no idea that skinny jeans is not referring to her father's side of the family, wearing the pants too, I was completely turned off, and my fashion boner went soft. 
Recently, though, I fell in love with shorts in a similar print, which I paired with a button down shirt and heels. These I know won't end up on the backside of my neighbor.   
This is after all the same person who has no qualms about publicly wearing socks with sandals. So, clearly she's modest.    
Enjoy your freaking weekend! 
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Happy Hump Day! I've been wearing a lot of shorts lately, like here, here, and here, and letting you get all up, close, and personal to my moneymakers, or those two long scrawny things, also known as my legs. Believe me, Gillete isn't knocking at my door to insure these bad boys, but I'd like to think they're my best assets.    
The man in front of Grand Central Station however, clearly believes that they're more reminiscent of the stilts flamingos use to balance their oversized frames, as he just as said that much, uttering, "you look like a flamingo" which he insisted was a compliment, and offered to take me to dinner. When having fragile stick thin support beams for legs become highly regarded, please let me know. 
After, I overcame the urge to choke him out, I begrudgingly thanked the man for pointing out the obvious in front of hundreds of people, who now felt justified, because the look of acknowledgment on their faces gave away that they cosigned the sentiments of Mr. Opinionated. 
He can keep his dinner plans, and I'll just keep on exposing my gams to the world. Just as I did recently pairing shorts, with a tee, blazer, and pumps. Hell, he should just be thankful that I have no delusions about my gravity challenged funbags being the main attractions.
References to his 75 years old grandmother might've spewed out his mouth if I revealed those beauties, and next thing you know I'm being carted off in handcuffs. So, flamingo it is!
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Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Monday! This past weekend I went to a few fashion/blog events solo dolo, which is always terrifying, since as a new blogger I don't know anyone at these shindigs, and the whole sweating profusely like a crackhead needing to get high when nervous thing doesn't help.  
For some reason, people aren't into that. Could have something to do with the sweat stained pitts thing, or the loud ass bubble guts, and associated unintended aromas, which may turn people off, but that's just a guess. 
Well, this time I didn't chance it, and I wore a denim moto jacket like the one seen here, paired with a tee, shorts, and strappy gladiator sandals. Only a circus freak could sweat through a denim barrier, so I knew I was safe, at least on top. 
On bottom, Depends would've been nice, since the constant threatening of the ever bubbling bubble guts made it so I was working my ass cheeks overtime just to keep it all in. 
Thankfully, my efforts paid off, and I didn't soil myself as I chatted with some of the nicest people like Mariann Yip, and my favs and fellow bloggers Danielle from WeWoreWhat, and Aimee from Song of Style. It just wouldn't have been Christian for me to unload on them, so I kept it all in. 
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Friday, June 8, 2012


OMG! On Wednesday, the most amazing thing happened to me! Yours truly had a professional photo shoot with Refinery29 for an Armani Exchange event here in NYC. Refinery29 extended the event to fashion bloggers, and as soon as I heard about it, I picked out this lace dress, paired with a leather jacket, pumps, and an arm full of bracelets of course, and I decided to participate.
I was so nervous! It's one thing to be photographed by the BF, who sees me bad naked all the time, and he hasn't left yet, which clearly means he loves me, because trust me sans clothes, the sight is far from glamourous and likely to initiate a dry heave. 
It's another thing to have someone who could give two shits about you beyond the project at hand, taking your picture. I've already proven to the BF that I'm no model, and I'm more like an awkward talking robot. He's used to it.  
So, before I did my best impersonation of a deer in the headlights I let the photographers in on the jig. To my surprise I wasn't  immediately thrown out on my arse. Instead the guys could not have been more accommodating and reassuring.
They put me at ease, and told me all I had to do was just stand in place, and they would do the rest. That in and of itself was a tiny miracle, 'cause to date there's a reason why I don't walk and chew gum...I can't. But, rest assured I can stand with the best of them. 
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