Closet Fix: December 2012   

Monday, December 31, 2012


I've never had a desire to go commando. The whole lady parts chaffing till kingdom come just to avoid a panty line, somehow isn't appealing. 
Besides, I like having a barrier albeit thin and made of cotton between my lady parts and the petri dish that is this world. 
However, when it comes to my girls, I don't harbor those reservations, which somehow seems ridiculous, since there's no hole of entry for the germs to penetrate my body, and reek havoc on my immune system.
So, in the wintertime when the thick sweaters come out, and the heavy jackets are on full rotation, I let them things loose as Sweet Baby Jesus intended. 
 The beauty of it all is that no one is the wiser thanks to my average size lactation vessels, that are far from itty bitty, but by no means jugs status, which would certainly make going without something on par with lewd and lascivious conduct. 
As much as I want to be free all the time, I definitely wouldn't sacrifice whatever little decency I have left. So, everything is covered, firmly in place, and all is right with the world. 
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Jacket: DIY (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Sweatshirt: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (similar one herehere, & here
Clutch: Target (similar one herehere,& here)

Friday, December 28, 2012


Barely a week into Winter and Mother Nature and that bastard coconspirator Old Man Winter are already disrespecting the streets with that wretched white shit, also known to those who don't have to shovel it as snow. 
And to think, I was bitching and moaning about how cold it was when I wore this little number to StyleCaster's State of the Style Summit in NYC in October. Now in hindsight, that 59 degree day seems balmy in comparison to this Artic ice box. 
At least that ratchet, insert expletive here, because there are so many that come to mind, especially if you're in the middle of the country, and you're getting your ass handed to you, figuratively speaking of course, because anything else would be disturbing at best and should involve law enforcement, but I digress. 
At least Mother Nature and her sidekick Old Man Winter could've worked up to blizzard conditions, because this ungrateful being who took for granted beautiful Fall days is not ready to deal with frigid temperatures, sideways wind, or those yellow ass patches of snow where Fluffy saw fit to express himself.
I'm not about that life, and I promise if those two knock it off, I'll savor the moments and enjoy the small things before they're gone. 
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Dress:H&M (similar one herehere, here, here, & here)
Boot: Zara (similar one herehere,& here)
Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here & here)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Leather pants have always been associated with nightlife and wild parties, but believe it or not, this Closet staple can be worn casually for a more relaxed look as seen here and here. Leather pants can be easily dressed down when paired with casual pieces like flats instead of 5 inch heels. Since the fit of leather pants tend to be body hugging, this may be a tad bit sexy for day to day wear especially when paired with equally body skimming tops. Instead, try going with looser fitting tops to balance the sexy factor. Such minor changes will allow you to get your Repeat FixBelow are two different ways I styled my faux leather pants. *To see how I dressed up these faux leather pants Check out my Instagram and follow me @ClosetFix  
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Pants: Target (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Shirt: H&M (similar one here & here)  
Flats: Target (similar one herehere, & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here & here)

Featured on Closet Fix
Pants: Target (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Shirt: Forever21 (similar one herehere
Sweatshirt: H&M (similar one hereherehere ) 
Jacket: H&M (similar one herehere, here, & here)
Clutch: Target (similar one here & here)
Bootie: Aldo (similar one here & here

Monday, December 24, 2012


I just need to say that no animals were injured, maimed, or killed in the making of this blog post. First of all, I love all of Sweet Baby Jesus' little creatures, and I just couldn't do that even for the sake of having a super soft, just drop dead gorgeous mink coat grace my virgin body.
I've seen all those rappers like Yeezy decked out in chinchilla and an assortment of other high quality furs, like it's their second skin and not the remnants of some really cute animal.
But, while I pass no judgement, wearing fur is just not for me mainly becasue I'm a broke ass, and that kind of luxury is not in my budget, and I would rather not resort to laying on my back to secure this prize. Besides, that would be a lot of back laying and I seriously don't have the stamina.
Secondly, I would rather slit my wrist and bleed out than have PETA knocking on my door, hounding me, or trying to throw that red paint in my face, which I'm sure probably has some type of super flesh eating bacteria mixed in for good measure, because I know in their book people who wear fur should perish slowly and in extreme agony.
So, I play it safe and rock out in faux fur. Besides, I'd rather not have Bambi or Simba die on my behalf, just so I can live out some sexy fashion fantasy. I have enough blood on my hands from all the leather I wear and juicy steaks I eat. I don't need paint on my face too. 
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Faux Fur Coat: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here )
Shirt: Forever21 (similar one here & here)
Skinnies: Gap (similar one here & here)
Clutch: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Pumps: Milanoo (similar one herehere, & here)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've never been a big fan of wearing tights or stockings even in freezing ass weather that can easily make an eskimo regret his entire existence and pray for shelter.
I blame the whole wool tights under my jeans as a child situation where I'd be beyond warm and safe from the elements, but so God damn itchy I wanted to strip down to my skivvies, which would've been a totally inappropriate thing for an Elementary school kid to do.  
Sure my parents had the best of intentions as the Winter's in NYC can be brutal. So, of course as a parent you literally layered up your kid like their little lives depended on it.    
So, I survived unscathed, but I'm pretty certain to this day I suffer from PTSD. Something about being trapped and suffocating all the way to my death.   
It's not pretty, so no tights for me. 
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Jacket: H&M (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Sweater: Forever21 (similar one herehere, here, & here)
Shorts: VeryJ (similar one herehere, & here)
Boots: Zara (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here)

Monday, December 17, 2012


I know a lot of people are hung up on the whole wearing white after Labor Day, but clearly only a person with questionable mental capacities, a virtual monster if we're really being honest, would infringe on our God given right to wear what we want when we fucking feel like it.
Seems really ridiculous, since fashion and style is so personal, and this commie bastard obviously wants us all to fall in line with some unknown, yet no doubt in my mind, nefarious agenda to abolish white from our closet after Labor Day. 
I just never understood the rationale behind this ban, this narrow way of thinking, because it just doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than the obvious pissing good people off.  
I mean ban skinnny jeans if you need to put an end to something horrific. At least that will save lives, because those things are akin to Boa constrictors, and our thighs like unsuspecting rodents having the life sucked out of them.
Many a times I felt faint in my skinnies as I'm certain the jean was slowly strangulating me and restricting precious oxygen from my already impaired brain. True story. 
So, ban skinnies. That will without a doubt serve a purpose, and the inventor of such a ban will be hailed as a hero for many generations to come.
But, white is harmless, and we all should be able to wear it if we so chose, without the impending side eyes or blank stares. It should be ok if that's what you chose. 
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Coat: Forever21 (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (similar one here)
Hat: Gap (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Shirt: H&M (similar one hereherehere, & here)
T-shirt: Forever21 (similar one here & here)
Bag: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy Hump Day! I really wish I was on the beach right now, sprawled out in a bikini, instead of rocking a shearling jacket albeit fab, paired with skinnies, a blouse, and ankle boots. 
I would much rather be on a tropical island somewhere far away with some gorgeous and ever so willing errand boy feeding me grapes. 
This cold weather and dark before 5pm bullshit is really starting to drive me to drink more than normal of course, because I would be lying if I didn't admit that I already have a well established habit in that department. 
But, that notwithstanding, I would rather not jepordize what's left of my liver due to my meloncholia over this weather situation.
I should be use to this by now, but every season this change seems to get the most of me, and all I want to do is flee for greener pastures or hibernate until Spring with a bottle of whisky for sure to pass the time.  
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Jacket: Asos (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Boots: Charlotte Russe (similar one here & here)
Blouse: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here
Skinnies: Charlotte Russe(similar one herehere, & here)
Bag: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)

Monday, December 10, 2012


This Christmas in less than two weeks thing is really starting to make me want to down a bottle of Xanax and chase it with a bottle of red wine.
The idea of having to brave the crowds, and yes you do have to be brave as tensions tend to rise and stressed out procrastinators lose their grip and often want to fight over the limited supply of coveted items. 
I don't have that kind of energy to fend off desperate Moms and Dads who would rather scratch the eyes of a fellow shopper out than disappoint little Billy by not snagging his leapfrog or whatever toy is hot at the moment.
Clearly those people have nothing to lose because nothing short of death is worse than the wrath of little Billy who may flip the fuck out if his demands aren't met, and he doesn't have a shiny gift to open Christmas morning. 
I on the other hand don't have such pressures. I just wanna spread some Christmas joy without getting assaulted. So, the other day, I grabbed my bootie, paired with leather pants, a sweatshirt layered with a chambray shirt, my utility jacket, and I went to dinner. 
I couldn't subject myself to the torture or the elevated possibility of becoming a punching bag for frustrated on the edge individuals. So, I skipped it! I'll do my shopping online. It's safer that way. 
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Jacket: H&M (similar one here & here
Sweatshirt: Forever21 (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Shirt: H&M (similar one herehere, & here)
Pants: Target (similar one herehere, & here
Clutch: Target (similar one here & here
Bootie: Aldo (similar one here & here