Monday, December 24, 2012


I just need to say that no animals were injured, maimed, or killed in the making of this blog post. First of all, I love all of Sweet Baby Jesus' little creatures, and I just couldn't do that even for the sake of having a super soft, just drop dead gorgeous mink coat grace my virgin body.
I've seen all those rappers like Yeezy decked out in chinchilla and an assortment of other high quality furs, like it's their second skin and not the remnants of some really cute animal.
But, while I pass no judgement, wearing fur is just not for me mainly becasue I'm a broke ass, and that kind of luxury is not in my budget, and I would rather not resort to laying on my back to secure this prize. Besides, that would be a lot of back laying and I seriously don't have the stamina.
Secondly, I would rather slit my wrist and bleed out than have PETA knocking on my door, hounding me, or trying to throw that red paint in my face, which I'm sure probably has some type of super flesh eating bacteria mixed in for good measure, because I know in their book people who wear fur should perish slowly and in extreme agony.
So, I play it safe and rock out in faux fur. Besides, I'd rather not have Bambi or Simba die on my behalf, just so I can live out some sexy fashion fantasy. I have enough blood on my hands from all the leather I wear and juicy steaks I eat. I don't need paint on my face too. 
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Faux Fur Coat: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here )
Shirt: Forever21 (similar one here & here)
Skinnies: Gap (similar one here & here)
Clutch: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Pumps: Milanoo (similar one herehere, & here)

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  1. It's fascinating how you can improve the look of a simple outfit by simply wearing a fur coat. Even if you mingle with the more classy people and you are sporting a casual attire, your fur coat will surely help you blend in with the crowd and stand out with your unique style.

    Joel Salmon