Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Let me be the first to say that like Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour, and Kate Middleton, I too don't have any qualms about repeating an outfit as long it's cleaned accordingly, and bares no evidence of the drunken debauchery that went down.  
If it's good enough for those highfalutin broads with their disposable incomes and designers at their beck and call, it damn sure is good enough for my broke, struggling, barely making the rent, robbing Peter to pay Paul ass. 
Although I would love to be draped in a brand new couture gown and dripping in diamonds every time I left my house, that shit will never happen even if I took up residence on the local corner or purposely by accident leaked my own sex tape, as the girth of my backside certainly doesn't command millions.   
As such, by default, I'm left with making the best of what I got, which often means that things will be repeated, and worn within an inch of their lives in many cases, like this little number that made an appearance at many holiday parties and events last month. 
The point is there's no shame in my game as there's no sugar daddy in my life. Until then, I'll continue to focus on whether the outfit I'm wearing looks good on me as opposed to whether it's brand new. 
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to see pictures from the Jones Magazine party, one of the events I wore this outfit to.
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Dress: DIY (similar one herehereherehere, & here)
Ankle Bootie: Donald J Pliner(similar one herehere, & here)
Clutch: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Coat: DIY (similar one herehere, & here


  1. Crazy shoes! Nice job pulling them off.
    Would love if you could check out my latest post as well!
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    1. Aww...Thanks! These ankle boots are one of my favorite items of the season. I love them primarily because they are so unique while still remaining classic and chic. The versatilities that they offer is one of the main reasons I'm always wearing them. So glad you love this look, and the booties as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by. Xo

  2. YAS> Who am I to not repeat an outfit!!! You broke it all down perfectly.
    I LOVE love LOVE those boots. I need them in my kloset.

    Kéla Walker

    1. Aww...Kela!! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for all your encouragement. You have no idea how much your presence in my little corner of the bloggersphere just blew my mind. Btw, I died over the bootie the first time I saw them too! Xoxo

  3. Apparently, Blogger sometimes hates me leaving comments on blogs.... Lol

    I SOOOOOO love that skirt, and those boots are AMAZING!


    1. Oh No Terry!! We can't have that! Tell me who they are and I'll handle it;) You can stop by my little nook anytime. Thanks for your awesome comment! The skirt is like the gift that keeps on giving, and the boots are hands down one of my favorite pieces of the season. They just work for me. So glad you popped in! Xoxo

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  6. braving the cold weather (even snow) with bare legs...unbelievable and great