Friday, August 3, 2012


It's Freaking Friday! I'm still excited from watching the Ah-Maz-Ing Gabby Douglas win the Gold medal in the gymnastic all around competition last night. She worked hard and earned that medal.  
The nerves it takes to do what they do all while wearing a one piece in front of the whole world is nothing short of inspiring. 
I wore this cropped top and maxi skirt the other day exposing my mid section, and with all the effort it took to hold my gut in, I could barely walk straight let alone do any kind of acrobatics.
Clearly, Gabby Douglas and the rest of the Fab Five are in the best shapes of their lives, and can confidently wear whatever they want. 
If I were in half the shape they're in, you couldn't stop me from doing my floor routine naked. I would be so proud. 
But, as is, I would be inclined to do the balance beam in a Burqa to hide all my deficiencies and protruding parts.   
Trust me, anything less would spark an international incident, and national outrage! 
Have a blast this weekend! Thanks for stopping by<3 
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  1. You cray cray! Love the colors in that outfit - such a great pick for this crazy ass heat! - CC

    1. Thanks CC! I know it's been so hot! This definitely helps with the heat! Thanks for stopping by<3

  2. Beautiful outfit! The skirt and top are both gorgeous and go together o well! I agree, even though I was cheering on the british gymnasts, Gabby Douglas did phenomenally well - and I can't watch the gymnastics with out getting body envy! Gone are the days where I can comfortably wear a leotard; I stopped doing gymnastics about 3 years ago, wish I'd carried on if jsut for the fact that it kept me in shape haha!

    Helen x

    1. Thanks Helen!! I'm so glad you can relate, especially from the perspective of an athlete. I wasn't a gymnast, but I used to be a long distance runner. In those days, OMG, I was in such great shape. I definitely didn't appreciate it then, but now I would kill to have that body back. Thank goodness for loose fitting tops and flowy maxi skirts. They can be so flattering, and they totally hide those areas that we would rather not think about. So glad you stopped by and shared:) Btw, I rooted for the Men's British gymnastics team after it was clear that the Americans were no longer in contention. What a great finish they had! Xoxo

    2. I totally know what you mean! Maxi skirts and dresses are definitely my BFFs at the moment haha. I'm glad to hear you were cheering on the GB Men's gymnastics team! I'm so pleased for them, and for Beth Tweddle who FINALLY got a medal on the uneven bars! Anyway, I'll stop babbling on about gymnastics now haha, I've done enough of that on twitter! Fab blog by the way :) x

    3. Haha! The Olympics are the best! It'll be sad when it's all over. Gotta love the athletes and their drive and hard work. It doesn't hurt that the men are easy on the eyes #Lochte Xoxo!