Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm still running on high from the weekend! I actually went hiking and took in some really beautiful scenery. However, just a word to the wise, never go hiking in Converse (blank stare...) Who does that?! I guess people like me who chose fashion over practicality (SMH). That my friends is a big mistake! You can't  see it in these photos, but my freaking shoes were all muddied in the front from the treacherous areas that I unfortunately had to traverse. That part of my hike was a hot ass mess! Initially I was so pissed that I was spending what was supposed to be a lovely Sunday afternoon in what seemed like a swamp filled forest. 

Luckily, things turned around pretty quickly which is code for I left that park and headed to another location that was more Converse friendly or drier. It turned out to be an awesome choice, and I spent the rest of my afternoon well into the evening just strolling and stopping to photograph the landscape.
Although I totally wish I would've never gone to the first park as I thought it was really disgusting and I was traumatized from the experience, the last park more than made up for the drama that I initially went through. was really that serious. I don't even know what I was thinking. For the most part, I don't even like ANY type of dirt let alone mud. Lesson learned I suppose. At least,even though I wasn't wearing the most appropriate footwear my Gap Flares, simple white tee, and JCPenny sweater held up all right under the circumstances.  

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