Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy Friday!!! Today I'm feeling bright and cheery, because it's Friday of course, and the weather is gorge.  So, I reached for a white tailored blazer which definitely reflects my current mood.  It's funny...I don't know about you guys, but my outfits tend to reflect the way I'm feeling or, let's say I'm feeling craptastic I'll wear something playful to lift my spirits. Generally, it works! You should try it. The next time you're feel lousy wear one of you're favs and watch the magic happen. Today though I didn't need help in that department.

I paired my blazer with a mustard blouse and Gap wide leg dark blue denim. I just love the look of white against dark blue jeans, and when it's a blazer I think it tends to look really polished. Btw, doesn't it look like I'm floating?! That wasn't necessarily the look I was going for, but I did want my jeans to "sweep" the ground. It's a really cool little trick. Not only does it look better (high waters are never ok), but it makes even the shortest person look taller. I love that!
Btw, I'm wearing round toe stiletto heal platform pumps that have bullet detail! They're black, but super distressed so they look almost dark grayish. Anyway, they're like my little secret though since in this outfit no one will ever see them unless I purposely reveal them. Now that I think about it, the hidden shoe and floating thing is kinda weird,lol. Gotta love fashion!I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! XOXO! Simmy P.

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