Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy hump day!!This morning I decided to go with a super relaxed look. I paired boyfriend khakis with a purple blouse, white blazer, and sandals. I actually had every intention of returning the khakis. However, after using those trick mirrors that they (you know who you are)strategically place in the dressing rooms, to make us look taller, thinner, and prettier than our reality, just so we can dole out big bucks, I bought the pants, falling really hard for what had to be a mirage. A big lie! Hugh deception! 
I was clearly conned, because it wasn't until I got home and tried on the pants in front of my no ulterior motive mirror that I realized that the pants were more baggy than I would have liked. It's just so ridiculous, because a mere two hours earlier I thought they were perfect as I couldn't stop checking myself out in the dressing room. Trust me, if you were there it would have made you nauseous. The narcissism was down right over the top.  

That was remedied very quickly though as my mirror revealed to me what should have been obvious in the store. So much so that I just knew I was going right back to the store and bitch slap the sales girl just because. She's in on the conspiracy after all with her fake niceties, knowing all too well that it was one big game of gotchya. I mean who does that?! I really was going to give it to her, but I never made it back to the store, and I'm now the reluctant owner of the khakis since the return date has long passed.
Well lemons into lemonade as they say. I'm not afraid of a little extra slouch any way. I actually love the look when paired with feminine or structured pieces. If you really wanna know in hindsight the extra slouch may actually enhance the look. Don't tell the sales girl though as I still reserve the right to at least tackle that trolip to the ground for her trickery.

Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by<3       


  1. Perfect look for work or a get together! I would have never paired those colors together but they compliment each other so well!!! Thanks for sharing :) - CC

    1. Thanks CC! You're very welcome:) I wasn't too keen on it at first. I had to change my original top at the last minute, and this was one of my only options. I decided to just try it and I ended up liking the end result. Sometimes you just gotta try things before you completely rule them out (especially when it comes to pairings). Thanks for stopping by<3

  2. Me encantan tus zapatos.nosotras tambien hace poco que estamos en el mundo bloger y tu blog nos gusto;tienes mucha imaginacion y originalidad.suerte.

    1. Hola Chicas! Muchas gracias por sus palabras bueno. Mi español es muy malo, pero por favor visitan mi blog en el futuro. Gracias a vos por venir a mi blog.

  3. heLLo dear cool outfiT
    for the bloG featuriNG>
    You should send me 3 different pictures and a kind of small biographY!!
    through mail
    as soon as possible so that i can prepare it!!!

    1. Hey Girlie! Thank you so much. I just emailed you the information.