Thursday, April 5, 2012


You know what, I'm not even going to complain, rant, or rave about the fact that this morning I woke up to a whopping, wait for it, 27 degrees. Nope, I'm not gonna go off into some profanity laced speech about how disrespectful Mother Nature is. Clearly, that's the case because this tundra like weather weeks into Spring is just rude. I mean, I can't even muster up the energy for the tirade that I really want to unleash mainly because I have to preserve all my energy to survive in this frigid weather.     
What I will do is look on the bright side. That good old silver lining (Screw face, Blank stare, AND Side Eye). Fashion has a way of changing perception and perspective. I know you know plenty of scenarios where you're like, "so what there's 3ft of snow outside, I get to wear my new knee high boots". Or, "I don't care that I just worked 12hrs I'm going to that party so that I can wear my new dress". It's so ridiculous, but still so true! For me I can savor the opportunity to wear some of my cold weather gear one last time. I can finally wear that sweater that I didn't get a chance to wear all Winter. All of a sudden, it doesn't matter that it's Spring and I still gotta bundle up like an Eskimo (Blank stare). It's perfectly fine. 
So, today I dug deep since I'm still high on all things floral and pastel, and I put together a look that will not have me at the mercy of the elements. I opted for layers since by the afternoon I probably won't need most of it. I started with a long sleeve floral dress (yes, floral. I did say that I was high on that trend. so, I still need my daily fix) and I paired it with an oversized sweater, a distressed denim vest, and knee high boots.  
It's a win win! Mother nature gets to carry on like the lunatic that she is, and I get to be a Spring Eskimo! Yes please! I hope you're enjoying your day and if it's cold where you are just look on the bright side! 
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  1. That sucks about the weather, but at least a great outfit was the result!

    (btw...I found your blog while perusing through EBEW...glad that I did!) =)

    1. Thanks Girlie! I'm so glad you stopped by:) EBEW is a really cool site and I'm really stoked for the pastel challenge. Fun right?! It's kinda weird thinking about pastels since the the weather right now is all over the place, but fashion has a way of accentuating the positive. Gotta love it!

  2. wow wow wow!i love this outfit!!!Kisses

    1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm really glad you like it. The weather here is a little tricky right now and deciding what to wear can be a pain. Layers always work for me. Btw, I love your avatar. so cool!