Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy Monday! You're not going to believe this! First, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook this should be old news, but I know you're as excited as I am, so I just know you don't mind hearing this wonderful news again. Right?! As for everybody else, OMG, the most amazing thing happened to me on Friday! I was named "Chic of the Week" on LaurenConrad.comYou would've thought I won the lottery the way I was running around screaming and giving high fives to everybody. 
After about an hour of various renditions of my happy dance, which more resembled a full on seizure, I could tell by all the side eyes and screwfaces that someone wanted to slap the shit outta me followed by many F and B words, I'm sure. I was really having a moment, because for so many years, and even to date I totally style stalk LC. 
Style wise, she gives me a total fashion boner,and it's gynormous! I'm talking porno big. For me Lauren Conrad has always been one of my fashion inspirations. It's cheesy, but true nonetheless. I'm sure you have one too. I just hope it's not some train wreck. But I digress. I just like the way Lauren Conrad can do sexy, stylish, trendy, all while being classy, polished, and anything but trashy. It's so effortless, and I've always admired that.  
Don't get me wrong, throwing on a prostituion whore get up is pretty effortless too. Tight, short, done. But, I'd prefer not to be mistaken for a hooker when I'm in the grocery store. Sorta awkward to say the least. Rather than have to deal that sticky situation, I gravitate towards a more pulled together look, which Lauren does so easily. 
So, you can imagine, to be recognized by one of my favs for the very thing I admire about her, sends me into complete happy dance mode or convulsions depending on who you ask. Either way, there's movement, and count on it being super fast! Even as I'm writing I can't help but smile, and I can so feel a dance coming on. 
Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by<3
P.s- Only a few days left to enter the Michael Kors Giveaway. The winner will be chosen on 5/20/12.


  1. Congrats! I love the checkered shirt with that trench! Very cute shoes too! - CC.

    1. Thank you so much CC for your support. Btw, this is one of my favorite looks. Xoxo