Tuesday, May 1, 2012


*Guest Blog Post I did for GlitterGlossGarbage*

Summer, is finally here! Already those spur of the moment getaways are starting to pop up, which is cool until you realize that before you even get to your destination the airlines a.k.a thieving bastards have pretty much shaken you down for everything you got. I mean these days the baggage fees alone will put you in the red, and trust me, wearing that low-cut, cleavage bearing, come hither blouse, that's gotten you out of one too many traffic violations, will just have old dirty men giving you the once over, because those ticket agents could care-less about your supple bosom. Trust me, I've tried, and all I got for my trouble was hard nipples (cold ass airport), and an agent demanding cash or credit. Everybody has to pay, and since I'm not willing to up the ante and offer up my lady parts to dodge the fees, I've come up with some tricks to decrease the amount of luggage that you have to take with you on those Summer getaways. Below you will find a few ways to stick it to the man all while staying uber stylish and on trend.
Denim shorts have always been a staple for Summer and this year is no exception. Incorporating that basic piece into your current wardrobe can save you bundles at the airport. When packing for that well deserved weekend excursion think about including denim shorts. They are super versatile, and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. 
If you're like me, you need at least two outfits per day when on vacation. One for leisurely days, and the other for more dressy evening activities, like grabbing dinner. Simply by changing the top, footwear, and playing with accessories, denim shorts can seamlessly take you from day to night with two very distinct and equally stylish looks.
You see, the trick is to get the most mileage outta the clothes that you pack. Instead of lugging around several pieces of clothes for everyday, just pack items that can pull double duty. Now, if you're one of those people who think it's just plain nasty to repeat an outfit on vacation, I may agree with you, if you were spending your time in local brothels.   
 But, if your plans just include leisurely lunches, strolls, or trips to an antique market, I don't think your garment will be compromised, in an I got cooties kinda way. Besides, unless your money grows on a tree, this alternative is definitely worth a try.
Ultimately, you don't have to compromise your style or wallet just to travel the not so friendly skies this Summer. With the assistance of the denim shorts trend you can pack light, and just think, with all the money you'll save, you can treat yourself. What a perfect Closet Fix!
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  1. Awesome looks you came up with...shorts are a must have during summer.xx

    1. Thanks Nancie! You're so right! Shorts are a must, and there are so many options. Thanks for stopping by<3

  2. I even recycle my denim shorts when I'm not on vacation and have access to my wardrobe lol. Definitely a wardrobe staple - you look great in all of those outfits and I love this blog!!! - CC

    1. Haha! Me too! Thanks for all your support CC<3 Xoxo!

  3. great styles and great tips. Thank you for sharing this.
    xo, Petra

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    1. You're so welcome:) So glad you could drop by<3