Friday, May 18, 2012


TGIF!! I couldn't ask for a more perfect day. The weather is finally just right. Sorta like in Southern California. I'm talking temperatures in the low 70s, blue skies, sunshine, and low humidity! It's pretty amazing considering just two days ago 
the air was so thick in New York it was hard to breathe. Believe it or not, it was also high 80's, which when combined with the humidity basically means it was sweaty balls hot. 
Now, this might shock you, but I don't have balls. However, if I did, trust me there would've been water works. It was that hot, and silly me was wearing a cardigan, denim shirt, boyfriend jeans, and oxford flats, while everybody else might as well have been in the buff. The side eyes alone that I got said it all, and I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed. But, in my defense, the days prior to the pop up heatwave, it was cool and wet, so I don't think I was so off base expecting more of the same.    
Well, my rational be damn, because I was sweating and wishing I didn't use my common sense that day, and instead wore a bikini. Yes a two piece to be exact so my balls could breathe. Unfortunately, no such luck, and I had to go through the entire day with the indignity and my shirt sticking to my back.    
Of course I could've taken off the cardigan and received some semblance of relief, but the thought of messing up my look was blasphemous, damn near treason in my world. So, that prospect was more unbearable than having to endure the seasonably warm weather. If that's the alternative I thought, let my balls sweat! Sure at that moment it didn't matter anyway, since I was still a huge fashion don't. Trust me, they would've totally put the black strip over my face, and I would've deserved it. You just can't wear a sweater in 80 degree weather even if said sweater is yellow. You just can't.
Have a fantastic Weekend! Thanks for stopping by<3 

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  1. First of all, elbow patches on a cardigan are awesome! People instantly perceive you as an intellectual when there are patches on your damn elbows. Second of all this type of thing happens all the time in NY. One minute it's freezing and your searching frantically for you winter coat - the next, you are stripping down to your bra to avoid sweaty frizz head. Cardigan is the perfect choice - Cheers to you for making this issue known - BTW, we need to move out west! - CC
    Where the sweaty balls did you get your wrist wear!? I love the look!

    1. Rotflmao! That day most people probably thought I was a mental case in that get up! the sweat dripping down my face didn't help matters either, but these things happen. Btw, I try to avoid sweaty frizz head at all cost, lmao! Thanks for stopping by CC! P.s-the ARMageddon is a mixture of pieces I bought from forever 21, H&M, and Hester flea market.

  2. Love this entire look. Denim with the yellow and the oxfords. & Yes, I love elbow patches

    1. Thanks Girlie! I got this one at H&M and they also had it in other colors. The yellow was my fav though. Thanks for stopping by<3