Friday, November 23, 2012


TGIF! Right before Thanksgiving the genius that I am ran out and bought a pair of super skinny, skinny jeans. Truth be told, the fit is amazing, but it  was nothing more than the work of Sweet Baby Jesus that they made it over the hump that I like to refer to as my ass. 
The notion that the skinnies fit like a glove is an understatement, as I know for a fact that gloves aren't quite as tight, bordering on the imminent strangulation of my precious digits.  
 These skinnies, which I paired with a moto jacket, blouse, scarf, and pumps, didn't exactly cut off my circulation, but clearly the overstuffing of my piehole during Thanksgiving will probably lead to some restricted blood flow at best.
 Hell, that's if they even make it over my thighs after second and third helpings of turkey and pie. Obviously, it's definitely going to be close because these skinnies left no room for error, let alone ever-growing cellulite.  
Surely, I could abstain and eat a normal portion, but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the excess and the gluttony followed by sloth, which is a given after scarfing down enough food to feed a small family. After that kind of endeaver, I'll be lucky if I fit into any of my other clothing let alone my new skinnies. 
Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by<3
Jacket: Forever21 (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Scarf: Forever21 (similar one herehere, & here)
Blouse: Forever21 (similar one herehere, here & here)
Skinnies: Old Navy (similar one here & here)
Pumps: Aldo (similar one hereherehere, & here)
Bag: Zara (similar one here, herehere, & here)


  1. Love the motto jacket! I need a new one so bad. Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

    1. Aww...Thanks Chica! It was great although I was and still under the weather. It was still nice hanging with friends and family. I hope you were able to do the same with maybe even a few spirits to add to the festivities. Fyi, I was dying for a moto jacket like this one and I couldn't find one. Well, that's until I went into the plus size section of Forever21 and I found this gem. I love that it's not fitted especially now, because I can pile on the layers and stay warm. Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo